Using non-toxic paint and cover, being washable, strength against impact and being fluent in moving, make this toy safe and healthy for babies and children. "Hitransporter" by creating multiplicity in parts and using shining paints, makes the appearance beautiful and attractive.
Also, it encourages the child to imagine more and have a chance to be in different roles. In addition, due to its function, this toy provides the possibility of learning about primary concepts such as move/stop, fast/slow, front/backward, beginning/end, right side/left side, etc.
"Hitransporter" is a healthy, recyclable, environmental friendly and high quality toy that teaches, entertains and makes memories for years.
✔ Dimension: 305*170*65 mm
✔ Possibility of moving fluently
✔ Recyclable
✔ Improving fine motor skills
✔ Handmade
✔ Strong and durable material
✔ Made of beech wood with the best quality
✔ Covered by non-toxic paint
✔ Without any metal connections