HiCar This toy from the "Populus" (the brand of designing and manufacturing of wooden toys & crafts) by use of wooden material connect the children to the nature and let them experience and learn more about moving.
Using the non-toxic cover according to the standards of "DIN-DA-71.3", being washable, strength against impact and being fluent in moving, make this toy safe and healthy for babies and children. "Hicar" by creating a variety in models, makes the appearance beautiful and attractive and encourage the child to imagine more and have a chance to be in different roles. In addition, due to its function, this toy provides the possibility of learning about primary concepts such as move/stop, fast/slow, front/backward, beginning/end, right side/left side, etc.
"Hicar" is a healthy, recyclable, environmental friendly and high quality toy that teaches, entertains and makes memories for years.
✔ Made of beech wood with the best quality
✔ Improving fine motor skills
✔ Without any metal connections
✔ Dimension: 140*90*85 mm